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Shadowing is an advanced technique often used in the first stages o simultaneous interpreters’ training to help them listen and speak at the same time. In shadowing you repeat what the speaker says looking at their facial moves and trying to imitate native pronunciation and prosody. This technique also helps you familiarize with structures that you can later use in conversation.

Spelling bee

Maybe you’ve never identified this as a problem, but knowing how to spell your name, your last name, your address or your email is essential in life. In LingwaFit we combine spelling bee exercises and the ICAO phonetic alphabet to give you a head start.

Verb burpees

It’s the obsessive repetition of the 192 most frequent irregular AND REGULAR verbs. The aim is to automate all tenses so they are readily available to you in conversation. Don’t just recite «come, came, come» like school. Provide a little bit of context and it will all make sense: every day I come, yesterday I came, lately I’ve come.

Sight translation

This is also an advanced technique from interpreters’ training. It’s a hybrid between translation and interpreting, because you have a written input, but your output is oral. Read the text in English once. Then, as you read the second time, render it directly into Spanish. Don’t worry about being particularly accurate, just make it as natural as possible in Spanish.